World Premiere of "Variations on a Box"
New York Live Arts, May 2016
Ariel Rivka Dance

Variations on a Box is the second of two works (Ori being the first) to focus on writing for 4 amplified cellos.  A shorter, intense work of three movements, each has it's own character and structure.  The first two develop to score a huge variety of dance phrases and groupings.  The final section channels my "Bartok influences" and is entirely in 7/8.  It is incessant, unyielding, extremely hard to play and dance, and a ton of fun.

Choreographer Ariel Grossman of Ariel Rivka Dance explored movement around the structures of a Box.  Confining yet also liberating.  My work moves in and out of constrained movements into repeated patterns that hopefully appear to grow and expand their musical consciousness.

Variations on a Box was recorded at the Bunker Studios in 2016.